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Share your favorite resources and find the favorites of other Colorado navigators. Use this Wiki when you need information or resources. Add your contact information to the directory of navigators.

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Anyone can view this wiki, but if you would like to add or edit resources, submit your request through the Colorado Patient Navigator Training website

Tips for first-time users.

  • If you just joined the wiki, be sure to "Sign In" (at the top right of the screen)
  • To add or edit information click "Edit This Page" (at the top of each page)
  • When you are in the "edit" mode you can use the editor toolbar to format text or create links
  • The top of every page has a "discussion" tab so you can add notes or comments about specific resources
  • If you need more help see "Help" (top right of the page) or try this helpful Video Tour

Wiki Tips and Rules

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website where anyone can add or edit content. One wiki you may have used is, an encyclopedia created by people all around the world. The advantage of a wiki is that many people can contribute to a base of knowledge and update information instantly. The drawback is that information may not be completely accurate.

Why do I need a login? To help ensure accuracy.

A login system eliminates unauthorized users and helps ensure that information is accurate. Anyone who supports patients and families with chronic disease needs is welcome to join the patient navigator wiki. You can view the wiki without a login, but to add or edit information you need to a login and password.

Wiki Tips

  • Check for accuracy. If you see an outdated resource or contact information, update it!
  • Add your resources. If you know a helpful resource that is missing, add it!
  • Use wiki resources with caution. Understand that a wiki can have incorrect or outdated information.

Wiki Rules

  • Do not offer medical advice
  • Add only medical-related product information (no herbs or vitamins)
  • Program directors reserve the right to remove any material deemed inappropriate
  • Never include any identifying patient information such as: patient names, date of birth, address, phone, specific diagnosis, treatment facility name, clinic names, provider names, locations, etc.
  • Solicitations for products or service will be removed without notice; solicitor accounts will be discontinued